Maybe the sum of all the input to my work as a music producer the past 20 years.
As a teenager we started arranging music from top to bottom vertically in programs called
“tracker”. We had to choose between 4 Stereo channels or 8 Mono channels. And guess what?
we were never the minimalists.

Later on, in the age of 17, someone told me to buy a drummachine and a masterkeyboard.
“All what you´ll ever need” he promised. Ok, I bought it and I still own them.
My drummachine, the Roland R70 never became a classic and as the “start button”
died very quickly it became more or less decoration. The masterkeyboard had no
Hammer Action Keys and was incomparable to a real piano.

Then the first music programs and virtual instruments arrived on the PC.
It took a while until I could afford it. Propellerheads REASON should be the
DAW of my choice. It had a great skeuomorphistic user interface design and
it was a fun to play with it.

Until a colleague showed me Ableton LIVE. That was definitely one of my
major gamechanger. One year later someone told me to buy a drummachine.
This time a generic one. A Midicontroller based on the old MPC Controller
but using high sensitive pads to give a feeling of an instrument.
Et voila, gamechanger number two!

My musical style evolved through different phases. Techno/Goa and other “fourtothefloor” styles
became too functional to me, too rigid in it´s musical composition. Too often I found myself using
similar patterns and the sounds felt more and more replaceable. At that time I realised the power of vocals
to give tracks an individual meaningful character.

And i lowered the speed of my music starting from 160bpm (20 years ago) until 70-120bp now (Maybe it depends on my age).
Additional hints like “add more dirt and dust to your sound”, “delete the strings”,
“switch scales” and “think of playing it live” influenced me and my work through the years.

So, yes – until. is the sum of all the input that influenced and attended me.
It took so long time but now I´m so glad to share my musical explorations with you.
Hope you enjoy it!